Food patterns of Spanish schoolchildren and adolescents: The enKid Study.

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adolescents, children, Food consumption, Nutrition survey y Spain


To evaluate dietary habits and nutritional status of Spanish schoolchildren and adolescents. Cross-sectional study by face-to-face interview. A random sample of 3534 people aged 2 to 24 years were interviewed by a team of 43 dietitians in the subjects' homes. Interviews included 24-hour recalls (a second 24-hour recall in 30% of the sample), a food-frequency questionnaire and other questions including lifestyles, knowledge and food preferences. The participation rate was 68%. Mean daily energy consumption was 2189 kcal among males and 1781 kcal among females, and the percentage of energy from fat and saturated fat was 39.8% and 13.4%, respectively, without any differences by gender. Of females, 95% showed folic acid intakes below 200 microg day(-1). Consumption expressed as food groups reflected a westernised Mediterranean pattern. The enKid Study provides reliable and useful nutrition information for children and adolescents in Spain, having incorporated a rigorous methodological design within a representative sample.


Public Health Nutr. 2001 Dec;4(6A):1433-8. doi: . Epub .