Valoración nutricional de trabajadores sanitarios expuestos a turnicidad en Canarias.

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Blood lipids, Food habits, obesity, physical activity y Shift workers


Shift workers are known to have increased morbidity associated to wrong habits. In this study we have evaluated the nutritional status, food habits and physical activity in health shift workers. 207 permanent morning-shift workers and 210 shift workers (3-shift system) were randomized selected from the 2,100 workers of the North Area of the Canary Island Sanitary Health System. Dietary intake was assessed by a self-registered food frequency questionnaire. We also assessed Body Mass Index, blood lipid levels (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides), physical activity, age and sex. Shift workers shown higher intake of red meat, eggs, fruit juices and pasta. No differences were observed in lipid levels, weight status and physical activity in relation to the shift working status. 62% of men and 37.2% of women were overweight or obese. 46% of the subjects were sedentary. Shift work system seems to have little influence on the food habits of health workers.