720 posters will be presented in print and digital format at the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition 2014, following their review by three members of the Scientific Committee.

All the posters will be presented in print. Additionally, digital posters will be displayed using touch-screens during the entire congress.

Please respect the poster configuration requirements: You must also follow the digital poster specifications and respect the measurements of the printed version that you must bring with you for the presentation.


Once the registrations have been formalised, the exact date and time of each poster presentation will be published on the Congress’s website.

Only those posters whose authors have been registered by September 26th 2014 will be included in the Congress’s official programme.


Presenting posters in print

Every printed poster will be displayed on one of the three days that the Congress is taking place. Preliminary presentation dates are available from the list of accepted posters.

The author of each of the exhibited posters must be standing by it on the day of its display during the following periods:

Monday 10th                13:00 - 14:00
Tuesday 11th                12:30 - 13:30
Wednesday 12th          13:30 - 14:30

Design and size requirements of the printed poster:Please respect the following information details

You must provide a printed poster with the following measurements: 1.5 metres high, by 0.9m wide.

The Congress logo can be downloaded from the website if you wish to include it in the header of the poster.

The posters are to be deposited with the technical secretariat, which will organise their display in the exhibitions area. Each poster can be retrieved the day after its display, when this was either Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th. If the poster is displayed on Wednesday 12th, then it will be available on the same day from 4 pm.

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