Ascención MarcosAscensión Marcos


Research Professor: Spanish National Research Council (CSIC): March 2006
Head of the Immunonutrition Research Group: Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN)-CSIC: 1989-
Head of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (CSIC): 1998-2002
Guest Lecturer ad-honorem at the Buenos Aires University (Chair of Nutrition. Health, Nutrition, Food Technology and Toxicology Department. Pharmacy and Biochemistry School). 2004-
International Forum on Immunonutrition for Education and Research (i-FINER): President (2008-2014)
International Society for Immunonutrition (ISIN): President (2014-2018)
Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS): President (2011-2015), Treasurer (2007-2011)
Royal Catalonian Academy of Pharmacy: Honorary member (2011)
Royal Spanish Academy of Pharmacy: Honorary member (2015)
Spanish Nutrition Society (SEÑ): Treasurer (2010-2015), Past-President (2007- 2010), President (2003-2007), Board Member (1999-2003), Secretary (1997-1999) Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics Societies (FESNAD): Board Member (2003-2005).
Fellow of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences for outstanding research, development of nutritional sciences, national recognition and contribution to IUNS and other international organizations (2013)
Spanish Agency of Food Safety, Consumption and Nutrition (AECOSAN): Member of the Scientific Committee (2013-2015).
473 publications:
SCI Journals: 214 original articles, 29 reviews, 12 journal editions.
Guest Editor in 9 supplements: AJCN (1997), EJCN (Aug-2002; Dec-2002), Nutrition (2003), NH (2003), IJO (2004), BJN (2007), PNS (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012), ANM (2013), NH (2013). No SCI journals: 89 original articles, 7 reviews, 1 edition.
Books: 109 book chapters, 8 books, 8 editions.

Nutrition without Borders. Avenue Jarama, 212, Brufut Garden, The Gambia
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