Agata Bialecka PHOTOAgata Białecka holds a M.Sc. in Dietetics from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – WULS, Poland. She is currently a PhD student in the Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, WULS, Poland. The subject of her PhD study is “The assessment of the impact of diet, nutritional status and lifestyle on the cognitive function among the elderly”. Her dissertation research focuses on evaluating the importance of nutrition for cognitive function of the elderly. The objective of research is to investigate the association between a healthy diet indicator and the prevalence of cognitive impairment in the elderly. In her research she also want to determine the impact of dehydration on mental performance. The research are supported by EHI Grant (European Hydration Institute). Her research interests involve nutritional behaviours of different population groups (such as children, pregnant women, the elderly) and eating disorders. Agata has been working in the of european project called NU-AGE. Agata is also an active member of the the Polish Society of Dietetics.

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