Sandro Dernini PHOTOSandro Dernini received his Doctor’s degree in Biology from the University of Cagliari (Italy) and his Ph.D. from the School of Education of New York University.
Coordinator of the Forum on Mediterranean Food Cultures, Rome (2002-present).
FAO consultant on sustainable diets activities and sustainable food systems development, Rome (2010-present). 
International Expert for the Priority 5 “Mediterranean Food Consumption Patterns: Diet, Environment, Society, Economy and Health” of the EXPO Milan 2015 Feeding Knowledge Program, CIHEAM-Bari (2013-present).
Coordinator of the CIISCAM-International Interuniversity Studies Centre on Mediterranean Food Cultures, University Sapienza of Rome, University de Gran Canaria, University of Tuscia, University of Calabria, University of Parma (2006-2011).

Head of the President's scientific office of the Italian National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition, Rome (2007-2010).
FAO consultant for the development of the FAO Network of Centres of Excellence on Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition, Rome (2000-2002).
Coordinator of the Consortium for the Well Being in the XXI Century, Rome (1995-2000).
Coordinator of the Interdepartmental Well Being Centre of the University of Cagliari (1994-1999).
Coordinator of Plexus International, network of scientists and artists (1982-present).


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