Andrew Prentice Foto MODIFICADAAndrew Prentice

Professor of International Nutrition
Director, MRC International Nutrition Group

Andrew Prentice will be one of the lecturers that will be at the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition. His speach will take place at Sunday November the 9th.

Prentice was dedicated almost his whole life to the work and research about the nutrition. After five years working at the MRC Dunn Nutrition Unit's rural field station in Keneba, The Gambia, he traveled to Cambridge, where he focused on the study of the regulation of energy balance with a particular focus on obesity, being Head of Human Energy Matabolism at the MRC Dunn Clinical Nutrition Centre of the English city.

Nowadays, he collaborates with The Gambia, Chile, Bangladesh, Kenya and Tanzania in researches focused on the four areas of ING, with special interest in the early life programming of immune function, nutrient-gene interactions and reproductive nutrion.

He has also been member of several international advisory committees and achieve important awards in his investigation fields, as the EV McCollum International Lecturer Award from the American Society of Nutrition 2010/11, and the 5th George G Graham Lectureship 2011 from Johns Hopkins University.

All this large experience of the situation and needs of the international nutrition will provide this Congress a really global and accurate point of view of the world situation of this field.

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