BiesalskiHans Konrad Biesalski

Head of Departament of Biological Chemestry and Nutrition
University of Hohenheim

Lecture: Consequences of hidden hunger in Europe 

The Proffesor Doctor Hans Konrad Biesalski is one of the most important voices in world nutrition and metabolism, especially in oncology, of the world. He will offer a magistral lecture on Monday November the 10th, at the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, speaking about “Consequences of hidden hunger in Europe”.

In addition to exercising nowadays as Head of the Department of Biological Chemistry and Nutrition at the University of Hohenheim, he has collaborated with several scientific societies, highlighting his participation as member of the High level panel of expert group of the global forum of food security and nutrition.

He is Member of the Executive Board of the German Society of Nutrition Medicine, Editor of the curriculum of nutritional medicine for physicians and consultant for Nutritional Medicine at the Federation of Physicians. As well he has been speaker and scientific co-ordinator of the research group of Functional Food, and of the Network of Molecular Nutrition (special interdisciplinary research group funded by Ministry of Science).

Furthermore, he achieve serveral awards for his researches and works, as the Hermes Vitamin Award, the Wörwag Nutrition Award or his election as member of the Institute of Advanced Studies Berlin 2007.

Biesalski has not only worked as editor of various textbooks in the fields of Nutrition and Medicine, but in addition he has published more than thirty researches related to food security.

This broad curriculum and experience makes him one of the foremost authorities on nutrition and its current situation.

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