Seminario IUIBS “Nanopore technology: Next-generation DNA sequencing, phosphoproteomics and much more”

El JUEVES 22 de Diciembre, tuvo lugar  en el salón de actos del Instituto, la charla del  investigador especialista en Tecnología Nanopore aplicada al estudio de la proteínas, el Dr. David Rodriguez-Larrea. El Dr. Rodriguez-Larrea es Ramón y Cajal en la Universidad del País Vasco (Biofisika Institute, UPV/EHU-CSIC), dónde lidera su propio grupo de investigación utilizando nanopores con fines biotecnológicos y para el entendimiento de las enfermedades vinculadas con las proteínas. 
Pores few nanometers wide are emerging as powerful tools in the analysis of biological molecules. When a single-molecule passes through those narrow apertures they interfere with the flow of ions, and this decrease in conductance allows to gather information about the molecule. This technology has enabled new DNA sequencing methods of unparalleled speed and cost (with theoretical speeds of up to 2000 human genomes/day/1000$). Here I will first explain the basis of this technology. Next I will explain the different research lines my lab is currently
undertaken. 1) We have recently developed a nanopore assay that allows singlemolecule, label free and multiplexed drug screening of transcription factor inhibitors.
Proteins can also be examined with nanopores and we find applications in biotechnology and in explaining biological phenomena. 2) In vivo protein unfolding through nanopores is found at the proteasome entry and we are using nanopores to explain protein homeostasis and rare diseases. 3) In biotechnology we work on single-molecule protein sequencing and we have already shown the capabilities of nanopores in phosphoproteomics.
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