7th Conference on Language, Culture and Mind - University of Almería, Spain 4th -7th July 2022 Call for Papers

LCM 9 – Sensory Experience and Communication University of Almería, Spain 4 th -7th July 2022 Call for Papers The Language, Culture and Mind conference series provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for the integration of biological, cognitive, social, and cultural perspectives in theoretical and empirical studies of language and communication. As has long been recognized, no single discipline or methodology is sufficient to capture all the dimensions of this complex and multifaceted phenomenon, which lies at the heart of what it is to be human. The keynote theme of LCM 9 is Sensory Experience and Communication, but we invite contributions in any area of interest to the LCM community from scholars and scientists in anthropology, biology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, semiotics, semantics, discourse analysis, cognitive sciences and neurosciences who wish both to impart their insights and findings, and to learn from other disciplines. see more